How smart home security of the super rich world will look?

If you think Internet cameras and doorbells sound appealing, you probably haven't seen what the super rich world equips their smart home.

First, forget about the usual smart home security tools you often see, because we're talking about real-life "bat caves", with bullet-proof windows and doors, and even strips. lasers horizontally across the entrances are like invisible curtains. Every position in these smart houses is scrutinized, and for the super-rich, no expense is considered too expensive!

That is a rough description of Residence 950, a super-luxury home in San Francisco with a high level of security - it is reasonable, when this house is sold for up to $ 45 million, turn it is the most expensive asset on the Bay Area market (an area that does not lack such expensive houses).

So, in the end, how closely guarded Residence 950? Start with the garage: it has a cave style entrance that even the Batman has to crave. This house uses security equipment used by large companies like Dell to create a high-level security system, ready to summarize any uninvited person who tries to sneak inside. . Residence 950's enterprise-class firewall includes a biometric keyboard that only allows people with fingerprints registered in the system to access it.

High-tech devices such as fictional films not only appear outside the house. If you are a rich guy looking to buy you a luxury home, you will want to make sure that inside the house is equally secured. A fairly common requirement in houses like this is that there must be some safe rooms for employers to hide in case of an attacker, and security camera systems with storage memory near as unlimited to store as many videos as possible. Some people worry even more, installing bulletproof shutters to prevent attacks from some rogue gunmen.

Not yet. Super rich people sometimes have other special requirements, among them are anti-flash solutions that can prevent snoopers or paparazzi from taking photos inside. Or trap mechanisms to lock down intruders right inside the house, preventing them from fleeing before the police arrive at the scene.

Some smart houses of the super rich are also equipped with measures against attacks that you normally only see on action movies, including explosion-proof floors and walls that can stand up to every possible explosion. occurs, or protection solutions in the event of a chemical attack such as a self-propelled tent designed to provide a safe haven for anyone concerned about intruders armed with chemical weapons !