Nebula - Solution for effective network management from the cloud for the era of "home to the cloud"

The technology industry predicts that by 2022 there will be 1000 billion connected devices deployed. Huge numbers show that configuring, monitoring and controlling network devices is difficult to perform effectively in the traditional way.

So the automatic connection of devices and administration with the cloud is the solution favored by technology.

 Nebula - solution for plug-and-play networking equipment

The term plug-and-play so that only devices can start operating almost immediately after plugging in. For "civilians", plug-and-play is quite natural, we still plug in the fan and turn it on; Or plug the USB hard drive into your computer and use it immediately, sometimes the computer has to process something, but usually only takes a few seconds.

But do you know that the computer industry has been struggling for decades to become plug-and-play like that? In the 890s, it was not easy to put a new device into the computer, it had to declare the device configuration, set the boot parameters, set the appropriate IRQ, handle the dispute, ... if lucky, the device would run well, unfortunately, the computer hangs always, must be reconfigured. It is on Windows, if you use Unix, adding new devices can take ... several weeks.

Now, network equipment is also in the transition phase, previously installing new network equipment requires qualified technical staff, because of complicated configuration, now things are much simpler. . Even some new devices, such as Zyxel's Wifi line, just plug and turn on are run by all that have been configured before opening the box with the Nebula solution - network administration from the cloud- of Zyxel.

Nebula - Solution for effective network management from the cloud

Network device administrator from the cloud - solution to reduce personnel for the business model in a chain

Falling into the problem of lack of skilled personnel, but still need to develop a synchronous network system. This is the real "hot" need of chain business models. Business owners think about devices that anyone can install, no need for network expertise. One of the names that is the end of the chain of business models is Zyxel's Nebula solution.

Zyxel's Nebula solution, which comes with new generation network devices supporting Nebula, is a good solution for network development problems in businesses that follow chain stores or businesses that provide network services. . Because setting up the network for the new facility is extremely simple: Just open the box, plug in the device and ... turn it on. Any device setup, management or adjustment can be done remotely, via the cloud.

Zyxel's Nebula solution comes with a range of devices for all connection needs, all configured and managed through the Nebula Control Center cloud.

Centralized management via cloud also brings many benefits for businesses, in addition to saving travel costs and time; such as a chain of stores that provide free wifi systems for customers, when they want to change their greetings every time they access the wifi system, they can set up greetings from the cloud, and immediately every point. Their wifi will appear new greetings. Some studies show that operating the network from the cloud (like Nebula solution), helps businesses reduce up to several tens of percent of network operating costs.

Mr. Truong Xuan Nam, director of Hanoi-Aptech school, an ANCA network certificate provider, said: "Network governance trend through cloud connection is inevitable, network solutions for the system will be similar to the solution. Zyxel's Nebula method, because there are so many advantages, especially when it is possible to deploy with non-technical personnel, and greatly reduce travel costs for businesses ".

Find your Zyxel Nebula solution if you're ready to "go to the cloud".