84/5000 CellphoneS with "great banquet" Sale Bloody: Game or kindness has not been recognized?

There are only a few days left until the end of 2018, the online community and technology users continue to fever with the Bloody Sale Party from CellphoneS. But many difficulties in the experience of hunting deal have caused users to have a negative attitude towards the system. So what is the truth?

With the desire to bring the imprint of the program with the best selling product at the end of the year, but in moderate quantities, it will not affect the market of other systems. A series of technology bargains reduced by more than 60% from smartphones, accessories, earphones, etc. Sale of CellphoneS's Bloody Blood has quickly created a media storm in the technology world, both actively and word-of-mouth by people used since the middle of December. This is considered the most powerful communication campaign in the end of this year, of major mobile retail systems nationwide.

A simple campaign gets users viral by product value

The Bloody Sale Campaign 2018 is a risky test of CellphoneS, when the system applies an order method - 100% online payment for terrible sale products while quantity is limited. This is the only method commonly found on e-commerce sites such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, ... invested strongly in websites such as traffic, handling overload, inventory, UX / UI, ...

And of course, the days of going through are stagnant web servers, payment dealy makes many customers have negative feedback on the home page. However, the merit here is that CellphoneS continues to operate day and night to overcome, the CCKH team also enthusiastically feedbacks and advises to solve customers.

Due to the sudden high traffic, the website was frozen and hanging, which made many customers angry

Talking to CellphoneS, the IT Manager of the whole system said: "The sale of Bloody Online is going on quite a lot of difficulties, do not think it will attract the amount of user traffic 5 times higher. Suppose in 1 seconds have 1000 payment clicks, while the number of Nokia 8.1 products only reaches a maximum of 30, the system will lock itself, must turn on manually, but it is the big traffic makes access difficult It is the reason for the Pay button to appear until 14h20, and the related issues 403 and 502, because there are objects using the tool request continuously to the server causing hangs, the Web team only And the only option at that time is to block all of the suspicious requests, stop them, then reopen them. "

With several hundred successful orders compared to tens of thousands of visitors who cannot access the website in Sale time frame, all efforts of CellphoneS bring good incentives for customers in the Bloody Sale campaign, which are quite small like " wild sand building ". Even customers who bought successfully, no matter how much good or check-in they leave, they cannot ease the current tension that CellphoneS is having.

In fact there are still successful buyers, but the number is only 1/100 of the amount of traffic

Can see that not well prepared before the large amount of traffic coming from customers is the big mistake of CellphoneS in this campaign. However, between good access and product view scam is two completely different problems. Evidence that CellphoneS also proactively announced the list of successful payment customers during the last Flashsale, before the storm of negative feedback of customers who could not access the website.

Announcing the list of successful Flashsale customers is CellphoneS 'quiet and wise step

After the talk with CellphoneS representative, the system also actively received the mistake due to not being well prepared on the website, causing bad experiences when buying year-end hunting products for users. On the other hand, being able to see the massiveness of the online community without understanding the situation carefully hastened to blame, shouting boycott before a system that tried its best to bring a good sales season. for users.

Hopefully CellphoneS will be better prepared for the next sale season, and also a lesson about online hunting for other traditional mobile retail systems to consider!