A close-up, quick review of the Honor V20, one of the most impressive smartphones of 2019

Matthew Hughes, a reporter for The Next Web, had a chance to quickly launch the Honor V20 smartphone and here are some of his initial impressions.

* Based on the sharing of Matthew Hughes, reporter of The Next Web (TNW).

Earlier this month, in a crowded event in Hong Kong's bustling commercial center, Honor unveiled its V20 smartphone (View20), their next flagship.

With the perforated design in the upper left corner of the screen to place the front camera instead of the rabbit ears design, the V20 is arguably the most important device we've ever seen of Honor, Huawei's baby brand, for a while. long. This helps the V20 achieve an almost 100% screen-to-body ratio.

More importantly, by organizing an early launch event, Honor cleverly surpassed the big guys to become the first company to launch smartphones with perforated screens. Samsung is a company that develops perforated smartphones in the screen for a long time and Galaxy A8s with such designs were released on December 10. I bet that the directors at Samsung's headquarters in Seoul must be furious when being beaten by Honor at the last minute.

After that event, Honor continued to reveal details about V20 in the following weeks. And on December 26, Chinese smartphone company officially launched V20 on the market, ending all speculation regarding this device.

As TNW's traveling journalist, I flew to China two weeks ago and quickly got a trial version of the V20. It took a few weeks for detailed reviews of the V20 to appear, but I was too excited to share some of my initial feelings about V20, the most attractive samphone model I've ever seen in a while. long

The design of the Honor V20 impresses at first sight, something very rare in today's smartphone market. Looking from every angle, it looks great. Apparently Honor had to work very hard to make the V20's appearance look as high as possible.

As mentioned, the V20 screen occupies almost the entire front, only a 4.5mm diameter round hole for the front camera. The 6.3-inch screen of the device has a very thin border, Full HD resolution and looks a bit long at a rate of 19.25: 9. The ratio of this screen is suitable for gamers but can make users who like watching movies feel a bit annoying.

On the other hand, not using a rabbit ear design with a large flaw in the screen helps the V20 provide a more vivid gaming experience. It seems that Honor intentionally did so when the company last year focused heavily on the mobile gaming market. In 2018, Honor also launched Play, a mid-range smartphone optimized for gaming, as well as TurboGPU software with the ability to improve the performance of graphics chips and increase battery life.

During a press conference at Honor's R&D center in Beijing, an Honor representative shared that the camera in the upper left corner of the screen will be masked by gamers' thumbs during the game and will not interfere with the overall gaming experience. It is likely that in the future the games for V20 will adjust the position of the control button in the left corner of the screen will also be customized to not overlap the camera position.

In fact, the V20 that Honor gave me was very bland. It doesn't have any games installed and there's no video to watch. Therefore, I have not been able to test whether the V20's screen has a great experience like what they said. However, all details related to V20 will be thoroughly experienced by us in the detailed review.

We still don't know how the V20 has battery performance. Still, Honor confirms V20 with 4.000mAh battery and incorporates Kirin 980 7nm chip to promise long-term battery life.

Front camera

The most notable feature of the Honor V20 is the front camera placed in the screen. This is a remarkable achievement technically. My hastily taken photos don't reveal the beauty of V20. The camera hole on the screen is really small, only 4.5mm in diameter. Once you get used to this device, you'll forget about the camera hole.

Honor also boasts that its perforated camera technology is better than the Infinity-O solution Samsung uses on the Galaxy A8s. Essentially, Honor uses a partial drill design for the front camera. Simply put, while the camera hole on the A8s drills through almost all layers of the screen except for the outer protective glass, the V20 only drills one layer. You can read more about Honor's on-screen camera punching technology here.

This design has three advantages. Firstly, it helps Honor reduce the cut hole size. According to Honor, their initial tests generated cutting holes with diameters up to 6.7mm. Secondly, it improves the ruggedness of the screen and makes the screen less fragile when dropped. And third, a small cut will significantly reduce the level of light leakage, which can damage a selfie photo

However, the screen punch solution also has some disadvantages compared to rabbit ears design. First, to fit into small-sized cutting holes, Honor and others can only use small size cameras with small apertures. In addition, there will be no space for anything other than the camera like the second camera, the face recognition sensor ...