iPhone X proves that Apple and Samsung are couples who hate each other but must try to love each other

Frenemy, referring to both hostile and intimate friendships, is not uncommon in the tech world and Samsung's relationship with Apple is a good example of frenemy.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X that was expected by the world, Samsung quietly walked beside and secretly smiled.

That's because the components that the Korean tech giant offers to iPhone X bring more money than components for Galaxy S8, a high-end smartphone manufactured by Samsung. This happened despite Samsung being Apple's archenemy in the smartphone market.

Samsung's exclusive parts manufacturing division provides new, high-resolution OLED displays, efficient power usage as well as memory chips for iPhone X. Thus, each iPhone X sells, according to Wall Stress's calculations. Journal, Samsung pocketed 110 USD.

Meanwhile, Samsung's components segment will earn $ 202 from each Galaxy S8 sold by the mobile division. However, according to a market research company forecast, by the summer of 2018, S8 could sell 50 million units while iPhone X sold 130 million units.

This means that the revenue that iPhone X brings to Samsung's parts will be 4 billion higher than the revenue from Galaxy S8.

Apple's demand for Samsung-made smartphone components is very important to South Korean companies when 35% of its revenue comes from its parts business.

Seeing the guests appear shy when using iPhone during their visit to Samsung headquarters, Samsung boss said: "Please feel free. They are our best customers".

Clearly on their side, Apple did not want the rivals to take full control of the OLED display they equipped for the most advanced iPhone models.

Many reports indicate that Apple is pushing other firms to expand their OLED display production line to be able to diversify supplies by 2019. This is the first time an OLED screen has been equipped for iPhone and devices. Its full screen design has created many difficulties in production. Even the problems that arise during the production process can make iPhone X be in stock in the near future.

In addition, there are reports that Apple is considering cooperation with Japan Display, the company has just announced that it has the technology to create high quality LCD screens with high quality edges. There is even a claim that Apple is developing its own OLED display and then granting production rights to trusted partners.

At any rate, during this period, Apple hated Samsung, but Apple kept enriching its Korean rival every day. Samsung certainly doesn't like Apple but will still be very excited and excited to see Apple fans gather in front of Apple Store to wait for iPhone X on November 3.