Russia and China cooperated to experiment, aiming to change the Earth's atmosphere

Russia fired no radio energy, China used satellites to watch closely. All for scientific purposes.

Nobody knows and hardly anyone notices, China and Russia join hands to experiment to regulate the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. Last June, scientists from the two countries announced five tests they had made, some of them related to the military. All research results have been published in Earth and Planetary Physics.

The most notable of the experiments is the rise of the ionosphere temperature. They use equipment from the Thermal Supply Facility for the Sura Palace (SURA) in Vasilsrusk, Russia to shoot radio energy onto the ionizing plasma layer on the ionosphere. After that, the sensors on China's Zhangheng-1 satellite will collect aerial data.

"People are interested in these experiments, but also, we have done similar experiments for years," said Dennis Papadopoulos, a professor of physics at the University of Maryland in Motherboard. He added that the experiment itself will not produce anything new, only a message that both Russia and China are interested in the Universe.

To reassure public opinion, studies show that the rise of the ionosphere does not affect the plasma in the atmosphere.

However, there was a test conducted on June 7 that generated electrical impulses in an area of ​​127,000 km2, "creating the number of negatively charged subatomic particles 10 times higher than the surrounding areas". Recent information posted by South China Morning Post. The study also added that there was another test that caused ionized gas in the area to increase by 100 degrees centigrade.

The ionosphere is located at an altitude of 50-80 km to about 1000 km. The gas there is influenced by solar radiation and Cosmic radiation, so it contains lots of free ions and electrons. Without the ionosphere, the radio signal would not be able to revert from the radio back to the ground, so it played an important role in the communication medium. Because of that, scientists are very focused on studying the ionosphere.

Last year, American scientists also stimulated the ionosphere to create artificial aurora, with the aim of studying interesting natural phenomena. Many people worry that there will be an unhappy ending after the cooperation, but Professor Papadopoulos said that the study should not be overestimated. Moreover, in 2014, the United States also prepared to shake hands with Russia and Ukraine to study, but tensions between Russia and Ukraine have crippled scientific efforts.

In addition, many other countries also have ionosphere research facilities, because as mentioned above, it plays an important role in developing communication facilities, both civil and military, not to mention important. with the whole industry exploring the Universe.

"We tried to play God," said a Chinese scientist. "We are not the country shaking hands with Russia to make a mysterious project. Many other countries do the same."

The end result of the study: they learn the mechanism of increasing / decreasing the temperature of the atmosphere in general and the ionosphere in particular, this time more accurately than having satellites tracking from above. Other future trials will lean on this pedal to be even more successful.