Do these faces look like real people? Virtual, all AI created

With great accuracy, AI is making us worry about the authenticity of future content.

Computers are creating fake faces more ... real. Most recently, NVIDIA created characters on a computer screen, doing what their true selves have never done in their lives.

NVIDIA did not stop there, they took a step further: NVIDIA's AI created a face that was not real, but had a very high level of authenticity. You try to look at the photos below, do you realize it is a 100% image created by computer?

Many machine learning researchers have mixed opinions about NVIDIA's results, based on good arguments. Not only do the images themselves look very clear and extremely authentic, but the process of creating them is also very unusual and contains potentials that we haven't fully exploited.

NVIDIA's scientific team combines Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) - a structure consisting of two neural network networks, working together to try to create similar links to the human brain, " Learn more data to create new images - with a little bit of research from the stylish AI system - AI style transfer developed by Google.

With these technologies, NVIDIA effectively combines human face elements, creating new faces with high levels of authenticity and persuasion.

Don't worry about being fooled by the machine: the process of creating the images takes a week, AI has to learn data from 8 NVIDIA Tesla video cards, costing up to 9,599 USD, equivalent to 228,000,000 VND one. So there was a trick, a high chance of that trick coming from NVIDIA.