Top 3 Best TMS Transport Software to improve your logistics and road freight forwarding

A transportation management system or TMS is one of the most relevant software for logistics and distribution companies, as it controls the processes and factors related to the movement of goods and ground transportation, both intercity and over long distances. Learn about the advantages of a TMS and the best software for carriers in 2023.

What is a transport software TMS: the management of land freight transport

The logistics and distribution sector is one of the sectors that has evolved the most in recent years. The boom in e-commerce, the transnationalization of companies and globalization has made the transport of goods multiply and become more competitive, as ever-tighter delivery times are demanded without increasing tariffs.

A few years ago, logistics operations were carried out manually, having to manage at the same time factors from different countries and currencies, customs, carriers, routes, deadlines, load weights... Today, a transport software (TMS) that automates all these processes and seeks the best optimization of resources is the only solution to stay strong in the market.

Keys to software for carriers

Transportation software is the technology that carriers, distribution companies and logistics operators need to gain operational efficiency, reduce costs, automate the management of land transportation and achieve a global vision of this phase of the supply chain.

Transportation management software, known as TMS (Transportation Management System), is a stand-alone system, but can be included in a logistics and distribution solution or a logistics, transportation and distribution ERP.

TMS transportation software applications and modules

The ground transportation software integrates fundamental modules for the sector that automate its main tasks and processes:
  • Vehicle maintenance control.
  • Execution of the transport plan: load and capacity management, invoicing, customs...
  • Driver control.
  • Load management, one of the central functions of the TMS software. It controls all the information and documentation of the goods, and optimizes the load management of each route...
  • Document management for permits, insurances, delivery notes, etc.
  • Tracking and monitoring of logistics management and trajectories.
  • GPS fleet locator.
  • App for drivers and customers.
  • Analysis of the performance and efficiency of the cargo transport carried out.
  • Normally include route optimizer for long distances, but can also be integrated into the TMS.
The best transportation software: our TOP 3 TMS systems of 2024

Visual Trans Terrestrial

Transport software integrated in your solution for logistics operators.

A management and planning solution for the different types of national and international land transport, with mobile devices for bar code scanners, automatic invoicing, document management and control of goods, entries, exits, movements and stocks.

Visual Trans offers full traceability and EDI integration with customers, suppliers and official organizations.

In addition, this TMS software allows multiple configuration of trips by itineraries, routes, traffic lines and different loading or unloading points; flexible definition of rates for cost and sales; management of loads and packaging; and automatic calculation of invoicing by period.

Setup Informatica TMS

TMS transport management software for general cargo.

Setup Informatica allows you to manage service requests in an orderly manner and automatically generates trips.

A transport software that integrates tariffs for automatic cargo valuation, combined by origin, destination, type of trip, type of service, etc.; electronic invoicing of trips; customs clearance and performance analysis systems.

Sitca TMS

TMS cargo transportation control system that optimizes the performance of your vehicle fleet and reduces costs.

A transport software designed for both massive land freight and parcel companies.

Sitca centralizes a detailed record and control of operations, production orders, containers or truck trips.

It integrates customer management, account control, shift management, container relocation, toll control and planning of upcoming services and trips.

Freight management, road transport and customer effectiveness

TMS transport software manages from the entry or provisioning of goods in the warehouse to their final distribution, with the corresponding logistical traceability along the way until they reach the consignee.

Load management is one of the most important parts of the land transport software, controlling and unifying all the data of the carrier, driver, license plates, containers, trucks, platforms, etc. and guaranteeing their traceability.

Each road route is automatically evaluated to select the most efficient route in terms of service quality and cost, and always according to the parameters established by the company itself: refueling, waiting times, number of stops required, mileage, etc.

Transport software features

Optimize all the operations involved in this logistic activity. With the transport software you can manage loads, track the vehicle during its route, generate documentation, delivery notes and estimates, etc.

It has an app for carriers and mobile devices. Land transport software allows carriers to access the program and see in real time all kinds of notifications, warnings and route status.

It also offers an app for customers, so they can track their deliveries in real time, request invoices or place orders quickly through