[Fun] 115 years ago, people lived without the Internet, no smartphone like?

Do you know, 115 years ago, humans didn't need a smartphone to live well?

For more than a decade, smartphones have grown and become an important part of the technology world. It can be said that no device is integrated with so many technological gadgets, so young people cannot live without them now.

Today is November 9, right after you wake up, you can access the Internet to look up information, take photos of your friends at any time or call your car to the door to welcome you - modern smartphone has enough power. do these things.

Returning to the past 115 years ago, these things are almost nonexistent. But it's not quite right, in 1903 there was a full service like that, you just realized it or not.

The photography of 1903

In fact, the handheld camera was on Earth in 1903. However, it could make a Instagrammer famous right away: After taking a shot, it took a whole day to see the photos. In addition, there is no color filter to effect anything, it is simply a photo and wants everyone to know to take it off.

Look for information

At that time, when people wanted to search for information or search for the truth, they did not click on the screen of electronic devices in their pockets. On the contrary, they had to find their own houses filled with books called libraries.

Do you remember the last time I went to the library how many years ago?

In the 1900s, how did people call Uber?

The "trendy" way to walk around Hong Kong in 1903 is to sit a palanquin (also called a litter) carried by two brothers.

This is considered one of the 5-star services in the past, can be controlled by voice but the speed is quite slow, only suitable for sightseeing. In particular, this type of Uber is not only for 1 person, but also for children in the back, look closely.

Facetime / GroupCall

More than a century ago, what had a group FaceTime like Apple. Facetime at that time was literally right, ie sitting face to face with each other to talk. In particular, there is no limit to the number of people in a group chat, only if you are invited.

Mobile game

More famous than Fortnite and Candy Crush, mahjong is a game that dominates all areas of Chinese speaking.

Mahjong is a dual Chinese Sino-Vietnamese word, transcribed in Cantonese ("magic") meaning the sparrow bird, while the Chinese version is phantom, and in English, mahjong

It is hard to find a film about Hong Kong, China of this period that mahjong does not appear. Please confirm that this is one of the first multiplayer-games, played anytime anywhere without a battery or Internet. Even people are still fascinated with it even if there is no design or calculation to retain players like now.