All surrounding cameras will monitor all your actions, which is an inevitable prospect of the future

According to technology experts, the prospect of the future where we are completely monitored by all surrounding cameras is not far away.

Today, with the development of technology, people can more easily interact with each other through social networks. However, many experts believe that the more developed the technology world is, the more convenience the people have, the more personal freedom and personal privacy is lost.

In a seminar in San Francisco, technology investor Sarah Guo, from venture capital firm Greylock Partners, said the prospect of the future where we all will be monitored by all pulse cameras From the webcam on the laptop screen, to the camera on the phone ... won't be far away.

In fact, in the past few years, smart camera development industry has exploded spectacularly globally. A concrete example can be seen in China, the government has installed up to 170 million cameras with the face detection feature so great that it can help them catch a wanted criminal in the crowd. up to 50,000 people. Investor Sarah Guo thinks it sounds scary at first, but the prospect is inevitable and people once know that their actions are being followed, maybe they can behave better. .

"There is an opinion that you can only be yourself when no one is supervised. But I think that soon, we will all be followed. And I think this will sometimes cause us to change. Changing my lifestyle like I would have to drive more properly, safer to know that every car around me is watching and evaluating me. "

Guo thinks that the idea of ​​monitoring and evaluating people with cameras is not a ridiculous idea. Like in the fictional series Black Mirror, the main character, Lacie, lives in the technology world where everyone is judged on a social scale. The girl had to try to improve her star rating when she learned that if her favorite social network score was above 4.5, the landlord would reduce her rent to Lacie by 20%.

A similar scenario in China where the government has installed 170 million surveillance cameras since 2014. Software, high-tech AIs can identify the face of the object in seconds. developed. In addition, the government also oversees people's activities through government-provided chat applications, thereby giving "social credit" points to each person. People with good social credit points will be rewarded and, of course, bad credit points mean penalties.

China's monitoring program is expected to be completed by 2020, but at the present time, it has been able to help monitor the activity of millions of people.

"In the US alone, every day you will be recorded at least 70 times by surveillance cameras. But most of them are mere cameras. The images that are not used will be dropped. Do it and tomorrow on a certain server. "

However, more and more camera industry has created more smart cameras at cheaper prices. One of the most popular applications is the ability to unlock X iPhone with Face ID, suggesting that the technology can be quickly spread in human society. And someday, all of our behaviors will be recorded and evaluated automatically by surrounding cameras. Personal privacy will probably become something extravagant.